Haircuts and Straight Razor Shaves

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Senior barber 750kr

Barber 550kr

Junior barber 400kr


Senior barber haircut and a beard trim 900kr

Barber haircut and a beard trim 750kr

Junior barber haircut and a beard trim 650kr

Beard trim 290kr


Straight razor shave 550kr

Gift certificates available!

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General Information

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About Al

Originally from Brussels, Al has been living and working in Stockholm for the last 20 years. He still talks “kinda funny” Swedish though, as his friends say.

“There is punk, rock n roll and individualism in everything I do, and I’ve built my shop from the ground on up. It is not your average barbershop.” — Honest Al

Honest Al’s Barbershop

Phone: 08-428 70 181

Pay me a visit, why don’t you?

Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 9

Monday to Friday: 08-18
Saturdays: Drop-in 12-16